Vintage Bollywood scarf ‘Dupatta’

Regular price €30

”Dupatta is the Indian word for scarf”

This antique scarf is made for queens! We found this beauty of a treasure in a little store in Pushkar; a holy town in India in the middle of the desert, where they sold these old Bollywood scarves. What a find!

She is absolutely glorious, as you can see, with heavy beaded hand embroidery - and she’s old, created somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s. 

Because this unique piece of art has somehow withstood the test of time, she isn’t flawless. But in her flaws lays a story, and in her imperfection there’s beauty. We like our stuff as we like our people: perfectly imperfect, and always worthy of a second chance.

Now I challenge you not to turn heads with this glory wrapped around you.  

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