Reversible Jacket ‘Isa’ • M/L • short

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"Isa means reversible in Javanese, a suitable name, we thought, because this jacket is reversible! :)

This 'Isa' jacket is exactly the same as our original 'Isa' design, except that these are fully made from vintage Indian Sari's, our absolute favourite fabrics to recycle. This makes them more airy and thus a great fit for the warmer days.

You can find the warmer recycled cotton lined 'Isa' Jackets here.

These jackets are made from materials without purpose; beautiful forgotten fabrics that we have found and transformed to unique wearable pieces of art like this one right here. If you’re curious about what a fabric once was, please drop us a message. We’re passionate about this stuff, and would love to talk about it with you!

Making this collection has been a great adventure, in which we believe we have done a great job at making a gorgeous jacket, or wait, two gorgeous jackets, to keep you warm on mellow summer days. 

Our jacket ‘Isa’ comes in 2 sizes and 2 lengths, rocks a fantastic huge hood, has a wide beautiful belt and pockets on both sides: inside and out. 

Size: medium/large (EU: 38-42)

The sister in this picture is 170 meter

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