Dress 'Cesur'

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100% Recycled Fabrics • Unique in Colour and Print • Ethically Handmade • Eco-friendly •  Size range: XXS to XXL • Vegan Materials 

"Cesur is the Turkish word for brave. One of our favourite humans in the world is Turkish, and she is also one of the bravest women we know."

Alright, so you'll have to know that I, Sammy; The Founder of Uma Nomad, have worn this dress, in many different fabrics, for many years. It's my most favourite dress in the world, and it took a little bit of persuasion for me to share it with all of the everyone.  - You may call me petty, but sometimes I like to have something just for myself for a little while. 

So here it is, dress 'Cesur', with the word bravery in the language of my best friend as its name. With my wish for this dress to make you feel as brave and beautiful as I do wearing it.

This is a long dress with a high neck and gorgeous open back. We made it with drawstrings, with which you can pull up the back of the dress for length adjustment. Because of this women of all heights can wear this beauty. - we are really proud of coming up with this nifty solution. 

As is the case with all of our clothing, this piece is made from recycled vintage fabrics. 

Unique Clothing - Only one piece like this in the world!

Uma Nomad is a sustainable fashion brand, we make our clothing only from vintage and second-hand fabrics. Because we can only make 1 piece out of every fabric we repurpose, all our clothing is truly unique in colour and print.

Eco-friendly Fashion: 

Repurposing and upcycling old fabrics is an eco-friendly move, as new fabrics don’t have to be manufactured and by reusing these beautiful discarded materials they don’t end up in landfill. If you'd like to read more about our Ethical and Sustainable business practices, do have a look here!

Every Week a New Collection of Unique Pieces: 

Every week on Thursday and Friday we post a brand new collection of clothing in unique colours and designs on our website. 


Because this garment is made from recycled vintage and second hand fabrics that we collect ourselves from all over the world, it's really hard to decide the exact composition of every fabric we repurpose. We hope you can forgive us for this.  Having said that, most of the fabrics we use are either Viscose or Rayon.
We only select the most beautiful and comfortable feeling materials. - After all these years we've gotten really good at this!

Made to fit sizes:

INT : XS to XXL  - How cool is that?
US : 0 to 20-22
UK : 4 to 24-26
EU : 32 to 52-54

Length: 1.55 to 1.90 meter

The model in the picture is 1.70m

Bohemian Sustainable Fashion - Dress 'Cesur' - Uma Nomad
Bohemian Sustainable Fashion - Dress 'Cesur' - Uma Nomad
Bohemian Sustainable Fashion - Dress 'Cesur' - Uma Nomad
Bohemian Sustainable Fashion - Dress 'Cesur' - Uma Nomad
Bohemian Sustainable Fashion - Dress 'Cesur' - Uma Nomad
Bohemian Sustainable Fashion - Dress 'Cesur' - Uma Nomad

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