Little tie-top 'Alegria' Age: 10-12

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We are so happy to present you.. The mini-me variant of our wrap-top 'Alegria' for grownups

This beautiful piece, with its epic sleeves, will pull a dance out of any person - big or small.

There's something magical about it, something that makes you close your eyes and swirl around the living room, forest, city, or playground with a sort of other-worldly flair. 

As all of our clothing, this top is made from repurposed fabrics; it's unique, handmade and eco-friendly.

We thought this top would be perfect for little one's, and I think we hit that spot on. My mini-me, sweet little 5 year old Joyaa, squealed and jumped higher than she had ever done when I gave her her first Alegria. It was all dance and thanks that day. 

Turns out that magical little creatures just need magical little sleeves. Easy.

This Alegria is size XXL, for ages 10-12.

We have Alegria's for kids of all ages between 1 and 12, all in different prints, as from every beautiful fabric we repurpose, we can only make one piece of clothing.

Children’s sizes:

 Age Size Kid's length in cm 
1 XS <92
2-4 S 92-98
4-6 M 98-116
6-8 L 116-128
8-10 XL 128-140
10-12 XXL 140-152


Little tie-top 'Alegria' Age: 10-12
Little tie-top 'Alegria' Age: 10-12
Little tie-top 'Alegria' Age: 10-12
Little tie-top 'Alegria' Age: 10-12

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