Little kimono 'Ukiyo' Age: 4-6

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"浮世 (Ukiyo) means “floating world.” It describes the feeling of being present and mindful of the current moment, unbothered by stress. "

Alright, so we did something cool. We've made our bestselling 'Ukiyo' for grown-ups for little ones, too!
This means you and your mini-me can now wear your favourite Uma Nomad together on your epic adventures. 

'Ukiyo' is a cool long jacket and can be turned into a dress in a heartbeat, while still allowing for the essential tree-climbing and horseback-riding. 

All our clothing is made from eco-friendly repurposed fabrics, and every single piece is truly unique; there's only one like this in the whole world! 

This Ukiyo is size M, for ages 4-6.

We have Kimono's for kids of all ages between 1 and 12, but in a different print, as we can only make one piece out of every piece of fabric we find. 

Children’s sizes:

 Age Size Kid's length in cm 
1 XS <92
2-4 S 92-98
4-6 M 98-116
6-8 L 116-128
8-10 XL 128-140
10-12 XXL 140-152


Little kimono 'Ukiyo' Age: 4-6
Little kimono 'Ukiyo' Age: 4-6
Little kimono 'Ukiyo' Age: 4-6
Little kimono 'Ukiyo' Age: 4-6

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