Crop Top 'Bhava'

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100% Recycled Fabrics • Unique in Colour and Print • Ethically Handmade • Eco-friendly • Vegan Materials 

"Bhava is a Sanskrit word describing the process of working together with others for a common good."

If you have looked around in our store, you might have noticed that this top is a variant to our top 'Bhava'.. The difference being that this top is 5 inches shorter- for those of you who like to show off some belly.😊 

This design rocks epic kimono-like wide sleeves, making your every move look like a flowing piece of art. We have threaded a drawstring through the bottom of the top that allows for you to adjust the fit of the top. Wear it either loose and relaxed or crop it up a bit to accentuate your beautiful waistline!

We spend a lot of time and thought into making them so they fit bodies in as many shapes and sizes as possible. Of course this piece would look different on every body; more oversized in the lower sizes and a snugger fit in the upper sizes.   We're really quite proud of our designs, and we hope you'll love wearing them.

Unique clothing - only one piece like this in the world!

Uma Nomad is a sustainable fashion brand and we make our clothing only from vintage and second-hand fabrics. Because we can only make 1 piece out of every fabric we repurpose, all our clothing is truly unique in colour and print.

Eco-friendly fashion: 

Repurposing and upcycling old fabrics is an eco-friendly move, as new fabrics don’t have to be manufactured and by reusing these beautiful discarded materials they don’t end up in landfill. Besides that we make all our clothing on solar power, we have a zero waste policy, and more!  If you'd like to read more about our Ethical and Sustainable business practices, do have a look here!

(Almost) every day a new collection of unique pieces:

Our clothing is unique, and they go fast! So we (try to) post a brand new collection of clothing in unique colours and designs on our website, every day of the week.


Viscose or Rayon

Because this garment is made from recycled vintage and second hand fabrics that we collect from all over the world, it's really hard to decide the exact composition of every fabric we repurpose. We hope you can forgive us for this. Having said that, most of the fabrics we use are either Viscose or Rayon.

We only select the most beautiful and comfortable feeling materials. - After all these years we've gotten really good at this!

US: 0 to 16
UK: 4 to 20
EU: 32 to 48

maximum buste / waist extent: 120cm


Crop Top 'Bhava'
Crop Top 'Bhava'
Crop Top 'Bhava'
Crop Top 'Bhava'
Crop Top 'Bhava'
Crop Top 'Bhava'

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