Trousers 'Hygge' • L-XL

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"Hygge - is Danish for emotional warmth experienced when relaxing in the company of loved ones and getting cozy by the candlelight with blankets."

We are really proud of this design and believe it turned out perfect; we made it with a high waist belt with lace on the back which allow you to adjust for size, and cute coconut buttons which you can open for an epic slit. It also has a pocket on one side, very handy for keeping your essentials close.

These 'Hygge' trousers are exactly the same as our original 'Hygge' design, except that these are fully made from vintage Indian Sari's, our absolute favourite fabrics to recycle. This makes them more airy and thus a great fit for the sun splashed, warm temperatures kind of days.

You can find the warmer recycled cotton lined 'Hygge' Trousers here.

The belt is beautiful and strong, and the 'V' shape of the front of the belt covers and snugly supports your lower belly. Perfect for those bloated-belly-days.

As is the case with all of our clothing, these trousers are made from repurposed fabrics, and because we can only make one piece of clothing out of every fabric we find, every piece is truly unique.

We really believe these trousers are perfect and we hope you'll love it!

'Hygge' comes in 3 size ranges. For different sizes please check out the other 'Hygges' HERE.


• XS-M
• M-L
• L-XL (that's this one)

Waist circumference: 84cm to 106cm.
Length of the trousers is 104cm.

Note: you can change the fit of these trousers by tightening the lace on the back.

* the model in the picture is 1.70 cm

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