Little jumpsuit 'Eunoia' Age: 6-8

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Oh, we really did it here!!

Our best seller of all time:  Jumpsuit Eunoia for grownups, shrunk down to fit all our favourite little ones!

As always: handmade from recycled fabrics, unique and sustainable.

This is the most comfortable and epic jumpsuit we could imagine, totally cartwheel and handstand-friendly, and - important info - a jumpsuit you can easily go to the loo with. That's Eunoia for you. It's the best of us, for you and your Mini-me. 

We can almost hear those little ones go wild after they unpack their own jumpsuit, one just like the one their momma, auntie, sister or grandma has. Oh.. The joy! - Please do take pictures for us!

This Eunoia is size L, for ages 6-8.

We have Eunoia's for kids of all ages between 1 and 12, with and without sleeves. Every piece is unique, as we can only make one piece out of every piece of beautiful fabric we repurpose. 


Children’s sizes:

 Age Size Kid's length in cm 
1 XS <92
2-4 S 92-98
4-6 M 98-116
6-8 L 116-128
8-10 XL 128-140
10-12 XXL 140-152


Little jumpsuit 'Eunoia' Age: 6-8
Little jumpsuit 'Eunoia' Age: 6-8
Little jumpsuit 'Eunoia' Age: 6-8
Little jumpsuit 'Eunoia' Age: 6-8