Harem trousers-skirt 'Delara' gereserveerd voor Iris

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"Delara- Persian word for bringing happiness and joy to the hearts of others"


Alright, have a good look at these not-quite-pants not-quite-skirt pieces of beauty! 

Believe us, they are awesome. As I type this I am wearing one. As I think it might just be my favorite piece of our collection. And that's saying something!

We got a little bored of harem pants, so we decided to make this cool cross between a skirt and a harem. It's fantastically comfortable, made for accentuating the hips and butt, and it has a snug belt for the lower belly. Which is always so comfy.

These skirt-trousers fit everyone between sizes Small and extra Large and with a length of 1.68 cm and up :) 

We love you! <3

Harem trousers-skirt 'Delara' gereserveerd voor Iris