Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves

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"Eunoia means: beautiful thinking, and is the shortest English word containing all five vowels"

These are a dress variant of our bestselling pieces, this dress looks absolutely fantastic on every beautiful body. Juicy and lush, petite and precious, this dress is made to make you look and feel gorgeous. 

The straps can be tied in many different ways and easily cover up your bra, and to adjust for length. 

This dress does have sleeves, we also have dresses in the same cut without sleeves.

There are different variations to tie the straps of the dress. This gives you the freedom to be creative with the style in which you want to wear it. Find a step by step guide on how to tie your Eunoia here.

Made to fit sizes:

US : 0 to 14
UK : 4 to 18-20
EU : 32 to 46-48
INT : XS to L-XL - How cool is that?

Length:  1.65* to 1.90 meter
Colour(s): Pink/Purple, Turquoise Blue and Yellow

* if you are smaller than 1.65 meter, then it also looks really nice to just make a little knot in the side of the sleeves of the legs, to make them shorter. We did this many times with small women and even children!

   - Or, if you have a little bit of sewing skills, it's a really REALLY easy 10 minute job to make the dress shorter at the bottom. 

The model in the picture is 1.70
Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves
Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves
Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves
Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves
Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves
Dress 'Eunoia' with Sleeves

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