We want you to feel beautiful in our creations, if you do not, you may give it back to us.

We put a lot of love into our work, and we want everyone who makes a purchase on our shop to feel this love when they wear our creations. 

This is why we would love to give you the freedom to return your items within 30 days of purchase - and gosh, if you are a day or two over, don't worry. We are friendly humans.

We don't make this a hassle for you, but ask you to do the following: 

 - Send us an email on info@umanomad.com and state whether you would like a refund, if you want to exchange your item for another piece out of our shop the best thing you can do is order that item already. This way you make sure that no one buys it before we get back to you. The item(s) you sent back will be refunded once they are arrived and processed in our office. 

Please Note: If you return your item(s) to us from outside of the EU that we do not cover importing fees to get the items back to us. Incase a fee is applied the package will automatically be sent back to you bij the post. To fix this problem please MAKE SURE that you mark RETURNED GOODS on the label please also keep the RE-IMPORT.

When sending us your return make sure to put a note with your order number in or on the box.

- Send your item or items back to:
Oude schoolstraat 16
5257NA Hedikhuizen
The Netherlands

As soon as we have received your item we will refund you the amount you have paid for your item. Allow us to take up to 10 working days for this process. Your refund should be on your account within 3 working days after this.

We have a friendly shipping policy, in which we pay some or all of your shipping costs when we send it to you.
We do kindly ask you to pay the shipping fees in the case of a return to us yourself.

We truly hope you don't mind. We try to keep the prices of our product as low as possible, so that you may enjoy an Earth-friendly piece of clothing for the price as a fast-fashion piece. So we don't have much monies to spare for a postage paid return policy. We hope you understand. 

With love, 
Uma Nomad