How to tie your Eunoia

In multiple ways

1: halter and straight

Step 1

Lift the 2 strands in the front up

step 2

Tie these strands together behind your neck in a way of your liking, a bow, or a knot with longer lose ends

step 3

Then grab the loose strands behind your back

step 4

Lift these up with both hands or one at the time, making sure to have no twists

step 5

Pull these strands over your shoulders like so

step 6

Then tie the strand at the base of your front halter rope, going over from the outside in

step 7

Then underneath

step 8

and over again, tying a knot with itself.

step 9

Finally tuck the loose end in underneath the top, resting on your breasts or in your bra.

2: halter crossed back

step 1

Tie your Eunoia like a halter in the front, the same as steps 1 and 2 from the previous pictures. Then grab the two strands from the back with both hands

step 2

Then pull them up, making sure that there are no twists. Once up switch the strands from one hand to the other so they cross over your back

step 3

Pull them back to the front and tie them at the base of your halter like steps 6,7,8 and 9 from the previous pictures

3: cute bows

step 1

First, ooh wait....

step 2


step 3

A friend! or any other monkey like animal with two arms and a couple of fingers will do

step 4

Depending on what you would prefer, you can get a bit creative here..

Bring the front strand to a position you like. Here we bring the knot a bit more to the back so the knot is resting on your shoulder blades but this could be on top of your schoulderds or totally in the front. Its up to you!

step 5

Here we make a single loop knot by making a regular knot ones and not pulling the strand all the way trough doing the second.

Here is also room for different knots like a bow or no loop at all. You can go knots!

step 6

Try to tie the other side even and you're done!

easy on off motion shown in 321..

4: fancy halter neck

step 1

Lift the 2 strands in the front up.

Step 2

Bring the two strands to the back and switch hands to cross them like so.

step 3

Bring the strands to the front and cross them again.

step 4

Bring them to the back one more time and tie the strands together. and you're done!

If you feel like the strands ouround your neck are pulling to tight while wearing your Eunoia you can make an extra knot first at the back of your neck in step 2

Please note,

Some of our dresses or jumpsuits might have a shorter pair of strands. If the two in the front are to short you can always try to do the same with the strands in the back.

Even then some of our older Eunoias strands might be to short for this. We have adjusted this in our new collections!.