Mamma Nomad's Ergonomic Babycarriers: The story of the Mamma.

Beautiful Human, 

We are so glad you have found your way to us, and that you invest some of your sweet time into looking at our website, and reading our story.

My name is Sammy, and I am the Mamma in Mamma Nomad. Me and my little daughter Joyaa, travel the world. We have been doing this for as long as Joyaa lives, and long before that.

Traveling has always been my dream, and when we got pregnant of little Joyaa, in the Himalayas in Nepal, we continued traveling. We carried her safely in my belly through India, had the most magical home birth in Chiang Mai, Thailand, popped her on my belly in her carrier and went on. We had dreams to follow, and little Joyaa has become the most incredible part of this dream.

The story of Mamma Nomad started when my dear friend Naomi made us this gorgeous babycarrier, made of Hemp and tribal fabrics from mountain tribes who live in the area Joyaa was born.

This carrier would soon become my daughter's ultimate safe-space, keeping her precious little body warm and close to her mamma, while I walked us through natures, countries and cultures.

This babycarrier is the mother of all the carriers that we have made since then, and I am truly humbled by the beauty of the realization that this carrier ended up not only carry Joyaa’s little body through time, but also ended up carrying me. Creating the foundation on which we get to build our dreams. This business that has sprouted from Joyaa’s beautiful babycarrier, now supports our travels, feeds us and allows me to take care of myself and and my little one.

Now we get to travel with a mission; to find the most beautiful hemp, bamboo, eucalyptus and cotton fabrics. Strong yet soft, perfect for soft baby skin. And we get to collect gorgeous vintage hand-embroideries everywhere we go.

This feels so good; we get to support local tribes with their handcrafts, and doing so encourage these tribes to keep making these incredible masterpieces. Also, we get to share these beauties with families all over the world. Giving their little ones the most comfortable little spaces to experience the first years of their lives from.

Our Mei Tai (Meh Dai) babycarriers are all handmade by incredibly skilled local tailors of the places we visit. We make sure that every stitch is strong, so strong that I guarantee the quality by giving a lifetime warranty on every carrier.

I am so happy we get to share these little pieces of art with so many sweet mamma’s, daddies and precious little bubba’s from all over the world. And the responses have been absolutely incredible.

Thank you all so much for sharing this journey with us, for trusting us to carry your most precious little one, safely and comfortably. This is so special to us.

With piles of love and everlasting gratitude,
Mamma Nomad.